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Our concrete countertops are a custom products designed by our artisans at ACS Decorative Concrete & More. They are sometimes compared to materials such as granite or marble, but make no mistake they are crafted, hand-created, and unique to each customer.

Concrete countertops are a high end products typically found in a lot of custom homes and offices.

Our concrete countertops at ACS Decorative Concrete & More are handcrafted and typically priced at a premium to granite, marble, and other natural stones. The true cost of the countertop is not so much the concrete itself, but rather in the artisan's creativity and time for creating special details, unique designs, transportation, and installation.

With a concrete countertop, you combine a timeless design with the inherent durability of concrete. Your custom countertop will serve you well for decades. These countertops will last and it’s unlikely they’ll ever need replacement.

Our Custom Concrete Countertops will add beauty, durabilty, and value to your home.

Custom Concrete Countertops that will provide a lifetime service and beauty.

Why get an average countertop that everyone else can get from a "big box" store?

Get a custom, high quality, handmade custom concrete countertop made by the artisans at ACS Decorative Concrete & More.