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General overview of how concrete countertops compare in pricing to other countertop materials:

  • Granite

  • Synthetic Solid Surface

  • Tile

  • Laminate

  • Engineered Quartz

  • Concrete

Average cost per square foot

$100 - $200*

$90 - $120*

$10 - $90*

$25 - $50*

$100 - $200*

$65 - $135 (For a standard 1.5-inch-thick countertop.)

Concrete Countertops

The price of the concrete countertop is composed of the countertop design/construction, shipping (if required), and installation.

Standard Cost Cost for a standard 1.5" thick concrete countertop per square foot.

$65 to $135

Installation Cost Installation is often a separate cost. Typical cost of installation done by the concrete contractor is charged by the hour, per person. *See more installation information below.


Shipping Cost Countertop contractors in almost all cases install their own product in their market area. So there would be no shipping expense. Shipping method and carrier, for those firms that do ship, varies by contractor. Discuss this with the contractor.


Item                                Buy Qty                   Low                          High

Cost of Epoxy/Polyaspartic Sealed Flooring

Material                          523 sq ft                  $1,173.35                $1,796.01

Labor                               16.5 hrs                    $1773.75                 $2,272.83

Supplies, Tools                                               $79.66                    $105.88

Total                                                                  $3026.76               $4,174.72

Average Price Per Square Foot - $4.50 To $8.00

Stained Concrete Cost Breakdown

$3 - $4 per square foot ~ A basic stain job includes:

  • One color

  • Minimal slab preparation

  • Final sealer coat

$4-10 per square foot ~ An intermediate stain job includes:

  • One to 3 colors

  • Minimal slab preparation

  • Final sealer coat

$8-15 per square foot ~ An upgraded stain job includes

  • Complex sawed patterns

  • Multiple color buildups

$12-25 per square foot ~ A high-end stain job includes:

  • Stencil work

  • Hand applied stains


($8 to $12 per square foot)

What you'll get: An eye-catching, economical upgrade to plain gray concrete, enhanced by one coloring method or decorative technique


($12 to $18 per square foot)

What you'll get: More elaborate decorative effects incorporating contrasts in color and pattern


($18 and up per square foot)

What you'll get: The ultimate decorative concrete surface—an artistic blend of techniques, patterns and coloring mediums, often incorporating hand-applied detailing.

Stamped Concrete Cost Breakdown

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